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Related post: Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 22:48:29 -0500 From: Jim McHargue Subject: The Revelation of Roseshannon Chapter FourThis story contains graphic d/s scenes between women. Do not read if you are under legal age, or if such exposure violates the community standards where you live, of if you feel such material might offend your sensibilities.The Revelation of Roseshannon By Leldon McLaneChapter Four Denigrating Desire"What are we going to do for another cleaning girl now?" Zeta, the daughter, pouted to Helga, the housekeeper. "Denise is the only maid left and she is so busy she doesn't have time to play.""No need to worry. I have a friend at an agency who can send over some yr old pthc applicants who are used to rough treatment and actually expect it. Now that your mother is no longer interfering, I can avail myself of the service." Helga was in her room; Zeta was standing at the door. Just to tease the young girl, Helga decided to change blouses. As she exposed her giant, naked tits, Zeta's eyes lit up but the girl would not enter the room. She was well aware of the magnetic power of the housekeeper, a mind-bending sensuality that had become very pervasive as Helga's role in the house had expanded. The girl was fearful of that power, she did not want to become a craven sex toy like her pitiful mother."Where is czech pthc kx inga Mother, by the way?" She turned as though looking down the hall for her but really, to tear her eyes away from those fascinating mounds that quivered and swayed as Helga struck various poses to display them to utmost advantage.""She went to the city looking for some help." Helga had very definite designs on the girl, wanting to explore any similarities she might have in common with her submissive mother. Yet she knew that someday soon the girl would be in charge of things around the mansion and she was content to move slowly for the time being."That's unusual for her, to be doing something not completely sexual.""These are desperate times," Helga replied as she finally buttoned her fresh blouse. "I'm going to see if my friend can pthc 05 send over some girls to interview and maybe we can spank a few of them.""I can't imagine anyone accepting a job under those conditions.""But you are just a little girl and you know very little about the workings of the world. There are many women whose choices are severely limited.""Like illegal aliens?" Zeta suggested."Yes, and women who have served time in our teeming institutions of correction.""You mean convicts? I don't think I want to hire any murderers.""No, non-violent criminals or one time offenders who are caught up in the system that rewards district attorneys for successful prosecutions with no regard for justice. We don't intend to interview people with rap sheets long as my arm." Helga assured her.After many interviews that morning, Helga and Zeta had almost given up. None of the applicants were attractive enough to even try to get their skirts up except for the little Mexican but neither of them wanted to deal with the language barrier. Helga shouted at her once, as though the language problem could be surmounted by pthc boy top list sheer volume. She told her to show her panties but the girl just smiled docilely and continued rattling her gibberish. She did not object when Helga lifted her skirts but reacted with no interest, as though Helga was only inspecting her underwear.Towards noon a woman walked in of such natural beauty that both Helga and Zeta forgot all about lunch. The applicant was a mature, extremely sensual woman. Even though the applicants for such a position were usually much younger, the only concern for Helga was the woman's two pthc pics top young daughters, Amy, aged ten and a baby of eight months. Zeta felt fortunate she wanted the job. Helga quickly decided she could tolerate the children for a while and then pthc braces porn maybe get them sent off to a boarding school or something. Their interest was piqued when they learned that the baby was being breastfed. The woman was named Maureen and was so devastatingly attractive that neither Helga nor Zeta could contain their excitement, usually a bad characteristic in an interviewer.Maureen was absolutely desperate. Her welfare options had expired and she had just about exhausted her welcome with her stern aunt with whom she was living and she knew she had to find someplace for herself and her daughters. The jobs she could get would barely pay enough to keep them clothed and fed, not enough for a place of their own. The aunt was so stern and severe. She took full advantage of the situation and used any excuse to give Maureen a spanking, even though her niece was a full grown woman with children of her own. She also insisted that the spankings be on the bare without the protection of panties and Maureen knew that the old bitch secretly enjoyed having her over her lap with her beautiful ass exposed and vulnerable.Maureen had served five years in prison for killing her abusive husband who threatened the life of their daughter if she ever left him. Maybe if she had shot him while he was beating her, she would have escaped incarceration but little nude girl pthc she had, with premeditation and forethought, created a trap of steel cables in the garage that had hoisted him to free cp pthc the rafters by his heels. Then she wrapped a noose around his neck running through a pulley at another rafter. She wrapped his arms with rope until she had his arms secured to his body and released the forums pthc cables that held his feet. The jury could not go along with the public defenders claim of accidental death.After her release, she had become pregnant again through the efforts of her parole officer who worked well on her behalf as long as his carnal cravings were satisfied. Her aunt was secretly elated to have a real reason to punish her and worked herself into a frenzy of fury several times. Each resulted in a severe beating. She refused to condone an abortion and went into a rage each time Maureen suggested it. cp lol pthc The baby was born in the county hospital for the destitute. The parole officer had been of some help, though, he had sent her to the agency that specialized in the hard to employ. The woman in charge of the agency had become so enamored with Maureen that she made her raise her skirt, take off her new pthc video samples panties and endure the consultation with her thighs widespread. The woman leered at her nakedness and masturbated Maureen throughout the interview. The travail would be worthwhile if she could secure this job at this beautiful house in the country. Ideal for her daughters and the perfect place to make a new start if she could only convince the housekeeper pthc bbs hussyfan and impress the young girl whose opinion certainly seemed to count. Their furtive glances and lustful looks along with the type of questions posed during the interview gave her a pretty clear picture of the kind of treatment she could expect and the sort of people she would be working for. However, she had survived prison by becoming the pussyslut for a succession of strong women and she knew how to comport herself around predatory females.Not that she ever got fully accustomed to exploiting her natural physical endowments but it was a necessary concession to survive a tough life. A single bad decision, marrying a savage brute and she seemed to be paying for it her whole life. Choking back her natural reticence, she slid back from the table so her hips and thighs would be more easily seen. She became quite careless with her skirt, crossing and re-crossing her legs until it flounced shamelessly high on her gorgeous thighs. She spread her thighs until her panties were blatantly revealed. Inciting a little lust had worked well for her in prison and would improve her chances with these two females. She also managed to slip open a couple of buttons of her blouse and made sure to move her shoulders around a lot to expose the lush globes. She rambled about admiring virgin enjoys pthc vicky people who took the time to train their domestic help properly and that punishment was indeed essential to learning. Reciting such gibberish was part of the process of interviews. She leaned forward a lot and watched their eyes become fixated pthc zeps on the upper slopes of her breasts. The facts of her prison record had been verified by and noted in the application provided by the agency mom pthc so there was ls magazine pthc no need to discuss that during the interview."That's all well and good, Maureen, but many people are not physically equipped to accept very much physical punishment." The housekeeper, Helga, interjected.Reading between the lines, Maureen was aware that the housekeeper was asking to see the plumpness of her behind. "Well, I may be perhaps too well endowed in that respect." Maureen announced in her desperation as she resolutely stood. She turned to face away from them and raised her skirt to her waist and held it with her elbows. Choking back her humiliation, she leaned forward and submissively revealed her shapely posterior. The sheer, wispy panties did nothing to hide the rounded cheeks and the darker shadows of the valley between. She steeled herself and without prompting, did a slow pirouette to give their lecherous eyes a magnificent view of her alluring mound. She knew her panties had worked up into her cleft, exposing the lips of her puffy pussy. She observed with disgust their riveted eyes."Possibly you could accept a spanking from me but how about Zeta here? Could you submit young teen pthc links to such a young girl, barely older than your daughter? You would be subject to her discipline as well since her mother has rescinded most of her household functions." Helga asked as she came around the interview table. Transfixed, she cupped her hands under each luscious cheek of Maureen's ass. Zeta was excited at the prospect of spanking those seductive, thrusting hemispheres and impressed that Helga was demonstrating a sexual arousal so intense that she was cp boards pthc moved to touch another woman.Maureen clenched her cheeks to give the housekeeper a little firmer feel as Helga fondled her nearly naked ass. The idea of being spanked by the girl struck Maureen as ludicrous but she pic pthc elweb bbs endured her silent outrage at this wanton proposal. Maureen deeply dreaded the prospect of being at the girl's mercy, such power would surely corrupt any aspect of decency in one so young. However, she needed this job and this house so desperately for her daughters that she meekly walked around the table, slowly so as not to interfere with the housekeeper's fondling. In eager anticipation, Zeta pulled up her own skirt to indicate she wanted Maureen to lay her lush loins over her thin thighs. Helga grasped the waistband and lowered Maureen's panties to her knees as she settled herself across the pthc wmv girl's lap.Maureen's rounded ass had become relatively inured while in prison so she could easily withstand the childish blows by the young teenager even though administered with unconcealed enthusiasm. Helga moved over pthc 12 pics videos and said, "Now get over my lap and put your face in Zeta's baby pussy." She commanded while adding a few brutal whacks to create a perfect test for tolerance of both pain and depravity. Maureen gritted her teeth and endured the degradation. She even turned her face and forced her tongue to delve into the cleft of the little girl's pussy through her panties to distract herself from the scathing pain of Helga's hand.When she was satisfied that the woman had all the necessary qualifications, Helga stopped and instructed Maureen. "Now stand up and open your blouse, I think Zeta would love to find out about the taste of mother's milk.""But it's for the baby, I'm not making a lot of excess.""Give her a few sucks, she just wants to taste it."Maureen opened her blouse to her waist and uncovered her heavy, bra encased breasts. She pulled the nursing flap from her left tit and stood resolutely before the young girl who wrapped both hands around it and began to suck voraciously, "Oh, it's the best stuff pthc pedo kiddy pic I ever tasted," Zeta announced, "you should try it, Helga. This is getting me so-oo-oo hot! I need someone to suck my pussy some more!"Helga arose and approached the new employee and yanked down the other nursing flap. Before she bent to engulf the exposed nipple, she replied to Zeta, "Well, don't look at me. I don't suck pussy and Maureen here is already engaged so you may have to wait until your mother gets home to get your little cunt taken care of." cartoon pthc Despite her rather sordid life, Maureen was visibly shocked at such intimate secrets so blatantly revealed."Damn, you sure have learned a pthc 1 click lot about being discreet, Housekeeper.""The cat's so far out of the bag now, we don't need to worry about a few kittens. I just hope your mother managed to find a good P.I. and not gotten herself sidetracked by all the lovely whores who hang around downtown.""God, can you imagine how long pthc join she would last if a pretty whore got after her?""She'd probably end up being sold into white slavery. But if she doesn't find a detective, she'll just have to try again tomorrow. There's no reason to think your father will be home any time soon, he's only been gone a week.""Well, Maureen, can you give me another little cuntsucking after we get vicky rare pthc through with your titties?" Hoping to have something left for her baby, Maureen squirmed away from the voracious mouths, ostensibly to perform the requested service for the young girl. She did not mind sucking off the girl, her pussy was so young and fresh and sweet. Compared to the mean, tough cellblock bosses she had been compelled to service in prison, this was like a holiday and the spankings could not be much worse pthc flash games that the ones she received regularly now at the hands of her aunt. She was, however, really wondering what she had gotten herself into by the time she was told to bring her belongings the next morning and report to work.That afternoon, Helga read an email message intended for Roseshannon from Robert with news that he would be returning on Saturday. "Looks like the shit is about to hit the fan." She muttered to herself, "I sure hope Roseshannon has managed to accomplish something."Zeta resumed her studies with Ms Preston which was something of a struggle as she tried to read her books while the tutor was intent on getting her skirts up to kiss her thighs. "If you let me get a little studying done, you can stay for supper. We'll come back to my room and I'll let you suck my pussy until your tongue falls off.""I'm not interfering with you, I'm just licking your legs a little bit while you study.""It's distracting. All right, if you sit on the other side of the room for a while, after supper, you can lick my ass all you want."Ms Preston hurriedly rose and moved across the room, now intent on taking advantage of the girl's offer.Late that pthc pedo little girl evening, Roseshannon drove up with a beautiful companion she introduced as Lana Spillane, Private Investigator. Both Helga and Zeta were stunned by her ravishing beauty. Even Denise and the cook came in to see the rare visitor. When ranci pthc bbs Roseshannon told her about meeting with Shirley and inviting her to come over also, Helga lapsed unthinkingly into her professional capacity and issued rapid fire instructions to Denise and Florence to ready the house for a party. She herself went into town to buy a few necessities, especially wine and liquor."Why don't you call that cosmetic saleslady?" groups pthc She suggested as she left."Ms Preston is up in my room standing in the corner. Can she stay for the party, Mother? She is not on the top shelf in looks but she lets me do anything I want to her. I want to see how I can treat her in front of a crowd.""Certainly, Sweetheart, better her than me for you to indulge your nasty little appetites. Maybe you won't need to humiliate me so much with her around.""I don't know what you think is so nasty. Pull your dress up and bend over." Zeta commanded. Roseshannon cringed in her carnal captivity but readily complied. "This doesn't seem so nasty, does it?" The brutal little girl asked as she walloped her mother's naked buttocks repeatedly. Then she made her squat down a bit with her thighs spread and spanked her pussy unmercifully. Roseshannon gasped in pain as her desires erupted in intensity as she groveled in the humiliation meted out by her own daughter.Sharon Stein lived only a few blocks away and she arrived quickly. She had her sales kit crammed full of products. At first Ms Preston was very reticent about joining the party, fearful of what Zeta might do to her in public. But the headstrong girl made the tutor take off her dress and work down her irksome girdle. Zeta spanked her until she agreed to come down to the party. "But first, please hold up your skirt and let me lick your asshole for a little while because you have been so mean to me today." Zeta allowed the tutor to suck her ass for a while to mollify her and then fairly pushed the woman downstairs.Shirley arrived looking every bit as beautiful as Lana. With a strapless, red satin dress that clung snugly to her large breasts and tiny waist, flaring pthc image board 2007 out provocatively around her alluring hips, the off duty policewoman wore black silk stockings with black suspenders made visible by the brevity of the skirt. Even Lana was astonished at her wanton sexiness. But, as is kds pthc bbs foto her custom, she deftly turned her momentary admiration to her own advantage, "Well, at least in your feminine clothes, it's evident that you're not packing your huge sidearm." She said, causing a chorus of twitters to flutter through the gathering. "Lift up your skirt and let's see if you have on panties or those godawful police issue boxer shorts."Despite her sensational entrance, Shirley was bewildered by the suddenness of the thinly veiled attack. She was placed in an immediate quandary. If she raised her skirt, she would be obeying the command of her adversary but if she refused, she would appear to be admitting the accusation about her underwear. Trying vainly to assume a devil-may-care attitude, the policewoman lifted the skirt of her short dress to expose her sheer red panties. Her adorable pussy was exposed by the wetness created by her embarrassing treatment before this apparently hostile crowd. She even rotated slightly to sweep the entire gathering, feeling like a little girl anxious to show off her new panties. The skirt was lifted much too high and much too long, she thought to herself. A truly confident woman would have merely flipped up her skirt to flash her panties in that situation and then silenced her antagonist with some semblance of repartee. Already, self-doubt had begun to fester in Shirley's mind, making her more vulnerable."I see you also brought your cruiser," Lana chided relentlessly, "I'll bet in that thing you can pass everything on the highway except a raised skirt." At the mention of a raised skirt, Shirley remembered to drop hers. She felt compelled to explain that her personal car was in the shop but realized such defensiveness pthc little kids pics would only illustrate her rapidly crumbling confidence.Instead she sought to pthc sex hard pics find some point of attack against the haughty bitch. Lana was also dressed in an extremely sensual, party outfit. A black leather miniskirt over a daringly sheer, black full body stocking sans brassier that left nothing about her pthc vicky raygold full, round breasts and jutting nipples to the imagination. Her long, shapely legs were encased to mid-thigh by sensuous leather boots and she carried her braided leather strap with a loop over her wrist. "I see you brought your whip but where are your chains?" Shirley sallied forth to Lana's slight chagrin."A true submissive doesn't require chains. They choose to be on their knees before a strong woman. You, of all people, should know that feeling." Lana fired back."I'll find out if I ever come across a strong woman but I'm sure you could explain it to me. Tell me about the last time you presented rape pictures pthc your ass for a spanking." Shirley retorted."It was when I was four years old and I don't remember much about it except I was guilty of letting your mother stick her tongue up my baby ass.""When you were four, my mother wasn't born yet! Maybe it was my grandma.""Couldn't been your grandma, she was in state prison. I think your mother lied to you about her age, it's quite a stretch to believe she was only seven when you were born."Unable to contain her rage, Shirley steeled herself to launch a physical attack rather than suffer any more of this woman's venomous tongue. russian 7yo pthc But fotoplenka board pthc the realization that violence was an admission of defeat at the game they had chosen to play caused her to stifle her impulse.While pthc kiddie porn Shirley wavered back and forth on the edge of violence, Lana walked up to her and kissed her hard. The feel of the strong woman's lips sent waves of debilitating weakness through her knees and electrifying thrills rippling up her spine. Never had she felt such a galvanic reaction and, mindlessly, she allowed her lips to be parted pthc fozya bbs by the insistent tongue. The vanquished policewoman could do nothing but submit to the mouth rape and she wanted to do nothing except suck on the invading tongue fucking her throat. Without even a whimper she felt her knees bend in response to a little pressure on her shoulders from Lana's conquering hands. Knowing what was expected, her descent stopped when her knees reached the floor and, of their own volition, her hands began to push up the tight black skirt and explore underneath it. An unbearable thrill surged through her as she discovered the body stocking was crotchless. Shirley slipped the opening widely to either side and shuddered when Lana's prominent mound was exposed to her avid eyes. She ran her tongue uncontrollably over the lightly colored, downy hair until the luscious lips began to unfold like pthc brazil a delectable flower. Stunned by her own savage surrender, she blocked her humiliation from her mind, focusing on the conquering cunt without regard for the assembled, avid, jeering onlookers. She ran her tongue up Lana's cleft, lashing the labia by sliding her tongue rapidly from side to side until she finally enticed the clit from under its hood. She took the erecting tissue inside her lips and began to apply voracious sucking. The wetness and intensive aroma merely fueled her appetite for more.Lana was jolted by pthc russian portal the severity pthc r ygold alicia of Shirley's sexual aggression. Her pussy responded immediately to the sensuous onslaught; her knees bent and her hips began grinding slowly as her hands seized the back of the woman's head, pulling her face deeper and deeper between her unfolding thighs. The sudden sexual encounter in front of the new pthc bbs other women affected Lana with a surging arousal and she savagely fucked the face of the kneeling policewoman. After flooding Shirley's avidly sucking mouth with a huge gush pthc news pussy pics of girl cum, Lana instructed Shirley to get up and bend over."What are you going to do to me?" Shirley asked in apprehension."I'm going to give you a brisk spanking to illustrate to these interested ladies what happens to women who try to defy me."With a resigned sigh, Shirley stood and bent over as Lana lifted her skirt and tucked it into the sash pthc travel around her waist. "Let me get our panties down to your knees. Bend over just a little more and arch your back so that I can reach your lovely ass." Shirley followed instructions and assumed the lewd position. Overcome non nude underage pthc by the delightful curve of her rounded ass, Lana flipped her own skirt up over Shirley's back and brought her mound to bear against her enticing asshole. She proceeded to hump the woman's ass in this doggy position until she was afraid Shirley would begin barking and whining. On the verge of another huge orgasm, Lana stopped humping the woman, stepped back and delivered a series of savage blows to her defenseless bottom.Extreme tension had been building in the room since the two combatants had begun their verbal assault buy pthc against one another. With the conflict settled, the tension suddenly released and a feeling of relief flooded the room much like a group orgasm as the jubilant party atmosphere caught them up one and all. The household held very little alcohol, mostly old, very expensive wines in the cellar but that supply was quickly depleted in a revelry of drinking as inhibitions pthc bbs ictures were unleashed by the wine and anxiety relieved by the resolution of the conflict.After a ringing slap across her face to make her stand still, Zeta pulled off Ms Preston's dress and made her parade around in her old-fashioned girdle that several people had never seen before. The girl would stretch the rubber garment as far out as she could and let it snap back painfully against the woman's waist and thighs to the utter amusement of the crowd.Even Florence, so staid and contemptuous of perversion, surrendered to the erotic pthc bilder children atmosphere and coaxed Denise over her lap and raised her skirt ostensibly for a spanking but ended up as a good tongue-washing of the girl's vibrant, delectable ass. Denise was eventually up on her knees in Florence's lap with her ass pushed into the cook's face, being reamed by her suddenly uninhibited, lascivious tongue.Roseshannon became absolutely enamored as Sharon, in a half drunken state, brought out her sales case and sat beside her and began to tell her gleefully about a new breast cream. "Why don't you hitch up your skirt and let me play with your pussy while you tell me about it?" She asked the saleslady."Oh, I guess that would be all right." Sharon consented, as she lifted her hips to primly hike up her skirt in compliance. "You are my best customer by far." She confided, as Roseshannon slipped her hand down the front of her sheer panties and curled three fingers into her pulsating pussy."I don't remember buying anything your last visit." Roseshannon said, reminding her of her previous lurid behavior as she reached with both hands under Sharon's dress to pull the panties completely off which allowed Sharon to spread her thighs invitingly. Roseshannon's mouth watered uncontrollably as she could not wrest her eyes away from the adorable, parted cleft accented with a thin line of sparse, blond hairs."Helga gave me a huge order, she said for the entire house. But you really need to do something to exert a little more control over your housekeeper. She even tried to make me suck her huge cunt in exchange for the order.""Why don't you take your breasts out and lay back on the couch." Roseshannon suggested as Sharon complied. "Keep your legs spread and show me what wonders the cream has done for your magnificent tits. I'll be down here cleaning up all this pthc lollita excess moisture that's oozing out of your precious little, open-lipped pussy while you do.""What the hell is going on here?" Helga demanded as she swung into the room with such an aura of absolute authority that the celebrants were immediately intimidated into complete curtailment of their activities. "I've spent the last several hours working to provide a nice party and I come in to find you all engaged in a wholesale orgy before I even get back with the liquor." Then she saw the empty bottles of hundred dollar wine and went into another level of rage. "Who said you could get into the wine cellar?"Everyone looked at Denise who had been the pthc girl pic one to actually bring the bottles up. "Lana told me to do pthc 7 to 12yo it!" She cried in her mindless fear of the irate housekeeper. "She's the one in charge after she made Shirley submit to a pthc g moscow spanking. Miz Roseshannon never uttered one word.""Course she couldn't, could she? With her tongue stuck up Ms Stein's cunt the whole time." The cook interjected, anxious as everyone else to see the housekeeper's ire focused on Lana, the only one in the room capable of defying it, possibly controlling it. At least everyone present was hoping her innate power would prevail.Rising to the almost pthc post tangible expectations of the onlookers, Lana steeled her courage and self confidence. young underaged pthc She reminded herself that this woman, though hugely imposing, was merely a housekeeper, a glorified servant. Lana's miniskirt was long discarded along with the bottom half of her transparent body stocking. She faced off against the 12 yo pthc cum fully dressed Helga wearing nothing but the sheer top of her body stocking that revealed more than it concealed, casting a mesmerizing dark shade that merely outlined and emphasized her magnificent breasts. Viewing that as an absolute advantage, all her dazzling physical attributes being on display, she sauntered up to the woman with her hips rolling to emphasize her devastating curves and stood before her with her legs spread, her pelvic area thrust obscenely and breathtakingly forward."Why are you concerned about a little wine that does not belong to you? Roseshannon paid for it and she does not seem to mind people drinking wine at her party." Lana sneered, thinking to remind the woman of her rightful place in the household. The dominant detective leaned forward hoping to bring her seductive mouth to bear upon the woman's hopefully vulnerable lips.Helga slumped forward as though succumbing to the alluring appeal of the petulant mouth. She leaned her head forward, opening her lips as those Lana's provocative mouth was irresistible. Letting her hand seemingly dangle, unnoticed as it hung just even with Lana's out-thrust mound. With a rapid, unexpected lunge, she grabbed the wanton woman by her pussy and lifted her, screaming shrilly, with one hand high overhead. She caught Lana with her fully extended left hand between her breasts and rotated before the stunned crowd with Lana held nearly to the ceiling. Then she slammed her like a rag doll down full length on the couch. Lana was crying uncontrollably with absolute terror at being manhandled so contemptuously. The housekeeper had been almost completely exposed to her most devastating charms and had picked her up and thrown her away like a piece of soiled linen. The impact of such rejection crushed her confidence like a plastic bottle emptied of air. Respect for the invincible housekeeper exploded through her mind, driving out all other considerations.SPILLANE! GET YOUR ASS OVER THE ARM OF THIS COUCH! SHIRLEY, HAND ME HER FANCY DAMN STRAP! I'M GOING TO TEACH THIS INSUFFERABLE WHORE HOW TO BEHAVE IN A RESPECTABLE HOUSE."The intransigent, commanding tone of the raging housekeeper brought the submissive side of both women surging to the surface as Shirley hastened to bring the braided pthc sexy pics gallery leather while Lana scurried over the arm of the couch to present magazine pthc her delectable ass for chastisement. Driven by the most intense sexual arousal she had ever experienced, Lana swallowed her pride in huge gulps and begged, "Oh, yes, Miz Helga! Spank my ass! Beat it into obedience. I'm so sorry if I seemed to be trying to resist you." You are the Woman. The one I have looked for all my adult life. The one who can finally control me. She added to herself.Helga laid the strap to her ass with unmitigated fury. Soon Lana screamed in unbearable pain, begging her to stop, promising perfect behavior. With her anger finally assuaged, Helga released the strap and sat down on the couch. Undoing her bodice, she lifted her huge breasts out of her bra and pulled Lana's consenting face into her bosom. The erstwhile combatant lavished kisses of adoration on the housekeeper's awesome titties. Helga raised her skirts and pushed down her panties, then gently pushed the detective off the couch and onto her knees.Lana plunged her face into the exposed cunt. Struggling to suck the clit, she drove her tongue deeply into the love canal and reamed the delectable asshole as Helga tilted her pelvis up to where she could reach it. Reduced to a temporary plaything, a sex toy, nevertheless Lana was in ecstatic surrender with tears of gratitude towards the woman who had finally put her in her place.Shirley's mind was in total disarray. To see the woman who had so easily vanquished her transmuted so readily into another woman's plaything was more than her synaptic gaps could process. The respect Lana had extracted from her was transformed into absolute awe for Helga.The rest of the gathering was in stunned silence by the demonstrated power of the conquering housekeeper. The uneasiness created by the conflict had permeated the party only momentarily because the confrontation was so rapidly resolved. The uninhibited celebration returned almost immediately and the liquor Helga had brought began to flow freely, greasing the wheels of carnal joy.Denise surrendered to the urgings of the others and stripped off her dress to dance naked on the coffee table while Helga reached up to slap her ass by way of encouragement. Zeta slid onto her mother's lap, undid her blouse and began to pinch harshly on her big tits. She had Ms Preston's humiliated head between her legs, though the woman was barely able to bend over in her girdle.The severely chastened Lana was dancing with Shirley in the area cleared for that purpose, Shirley's panties still rode at the tops of her thighs, exposing her ass and her pussy as Lana wrapped her arm child sex pick pthc around Shirley's small waist and held up the red skirt with one hand, alternately caressing and spanking the stinging cheeks with her other. Shirley's drunken state and the irresistible power of the detective combined with the exhilaration of her prior submission to her was making her weak, creating an inexplicable craving to subjugate herself further to this still powerful woman.Lana, with her ass and her pride still smarting from her capitulation to Helga, was aroused by the sex girl pthc signs of subservience emanating from her partner. She drastically needed to dominate someone to regain her composure after pthc 12 her own recent subjugation. She pushed her hand down into the crack of the patrolwoman's ass and brought fingers to bear against the back of her pussy lips, finding them parted and pulsating with desire. "You're pthc hardcore download so lovely. Your pussy is so precious and wet. Why don't I irc chat rooms pthc turn around and you get on your knees and kiss my burning ass where Helga spanked bbs cp chill pthc me. You know you want to and deserve to have to do it," Lana whispered pthc imgbbs toplist with her breath searing hot in the woman's ear, "you stubbornly resisted me, driving me crazy and ruining the party for everyone. It was your fault that I was humiliated by that deranged housekeeper.""Yes! Yes! I want to. I can't help it. But can japanese pthc bbs we go into a bedroom? There's no reason for me to do it in front of all these people." Shirley pressed her mouth against the lush, provocative lips of her enchantress and tried to persuade her by probing the hot mouth with her pulsating tongue. "You just want to demonstrate your power over me.""Yes, and you should be willing to demonstrate your submission to me." She turned to walk away, causing Shirley to feel as though something was being severed. Lana's abrupt movement story of pthc drew everyone's attention.She grabbed Lana's arm. "All right, I'll do it." extrem pthc She stammered, her face flushing with burning shame. The crowd, of course, gasped."Get down on your knees, Darling." Lana said soothingly and Shirley obeyed. She bent and placed her hands on her knees while Shirley parted the cheeks of her ass and pushed her face between them and probed with her hardened tongue deep into her desirous asshole. With her second subjugation since her arrival, Shirley's pussy began to spasm immediately and continuously and she realized she did not care one whit what the others thought.The party lasted most of the night. Helga sat her triumphant self on the couch and allowed every one of the celebrants to pay homage as supplicants to her pthc henti hardcore dominant cunt. Lana politely declined with the explanation she had already had her pthc gallery naked turn. She learned to really appreciate the statement "Hell hath no fury.." as Helga slapped her repeatedly with blows that spun her face back and forth until she blacked out from the exhilarating pain. Helga grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her face between her legs. The next few times, there was no force, she just happened to see no one else was sucking it and she could not control her urge to worship the cunt that had conquered her, though she hoped desperately that no one noticed what she was doing even though all of them had succumbed.After the humiliation of sucking ass on the dance floor had subsided, Shirley later submitted herself over Lana's lap to pthc guestbook nude receive darkside pthc bbs a playful hand- spanking.Sharon had her dress rucked up and her breasts bared, letting Ms Preston fondle her tits and finger-fuck her pussy as she showed her some marvelous bath oils.Zeta made her mother take off all her clothes and lay down on her shoulders and knees while she worked over her arched naked ass with Lana's strap.After the required cuntsucking of Helga, the cook pthc model sex staggered off drunkenly to her bed before someone took a fancy to spanking her big ass. A couple of hours later Denise crawled into her bed, pulled ptsc pthc down her nightgown and went to sleep sucking titty. She did that many nights when she missed her mother. The cook did not really mind and eventually had daddys girl pthc grown to look forward to her vivacious little visits.Helga woke up on the couch with a completely nude Roseshannon laying over her lap. Zeta had her legs wrapped around her mother's face with her skirt around her thai pthc waist, her blouse undone and pushed aside to lewdly display her little girl titties.Sharon was face down on another couch with Ms Preston, sans girdle, on top of her with her pussy pressed tightly against her curvaceous ass. Lana brazilian pthc was sprawled out across a chair with Shirley lying on the floor with her head at Lana's feet, a large toe still inside her mouth. She must have magical futaba pthc imgboard been sucking on it unconsciously in her sleep the way a baby does a pacifier.Helga heard the doorbell ring and pushed Roseshannon off onto the floor as she remembered with alarm Robert's email that she had forgotten to mention to anyone. Then she realized that it was still early morning and the new cleaning girl was scheduled to arrive. She adjusted her clothes to answer the door. If it was Maureen, she didn't pedo links pthc pics care about girls pthc forum the rampant nudity in the room and, if someone else, she img pthc could get rid of them.She opened the door to find Maureen standing there holding her baby in one hand and her suitcase in the other. The little girl stood behind her holding another suitcase japan pthc bbs but in the circular drive, getting something from the trunk, was Robert Vanderwaters!"Hello, Helga. I caught a late night flight so I could sleep on the trip. I offered a lift to this woman and her children and found out she was coming here to old young pthc bbs go to work. Isn't that a pthc child hentai fine coincidence? I can't imagine why someone did not go and pick her up at the bus stop.""Oh, Sir, I really didn't realize she was coming this early, or I would have.""Well, it worked out all right. She was only a few blocks beyond the bus videos pthc cum stop when I picked her up. Is pthc cp proibida mpeg anyone awake inside?" He asked as he gathered his things and approached the porch. He seemed to be in such a fine mood that Helga realized he had not heard a thing about his wife turning queer. My god, she remembered everyone in the house was nearly naked. He was going to walk into the aftermath of the wildest lesbian party anyone in the county ever heard of. There was nothing she could do, she could not bar the door of his own house."Roseshannon! Robert's here! He caught an early flight!" Helga shouted at the top of her lungs to stir zauberwald pthc the people inside into hiding. Then she ran out to ostensibly help him with his luggage but mostly she managed to be in his way."All right, Helga, I can handle this. You are acting so strange and seem to be intent on delaying me. What's the matter with you?" Robert finally managed to get past her and entered the hallway to his home. To his right he surveyed the ballroom size living room and saw his nude wife on the floor of the couch where his daughter lay with her clothes in disarray. On the other couch he recognized Ms Preston and Ms Stein but had never seen them so nearly naked. Across from them a very beautiful woman who was also almost naked while another one equally lovely and even more undressed lay at her feet on the floor. He was shocked to see that the one on the floor seemed to be sucking the big toe of the one seated."What in god's name is going on pthc dark portal around here?" He screamed as he slammed his luggage pthc elwebb bbs to the floor and shocked the whole room instantly awake. "I have blindly dismissed some very extravagant rumors that I have heard as too preposterous to be credible but now I see that they were not even remotely as bad as the truth. Have you outrageous women russian teen rape pthc been sucking each other pthc boy girl all night? And Roseshannon, have you been molesting your own daughter?" His pitch was raising one octave with each sentence.Zeta, Sharon, Ms Preston and Shirley were quivering and quaking and trying to manufacture any reasonable explanation for their condition. Lana and Roseshannon remained inexplicably calm."Good morning to you, too, Mr. Vanderwaters. I'm Lana Spillane, Private pthc erotic Investigator. I'm sorry you have caught us in slight disarray but it's nothing you have not paid thousands of dollars to see before. Come over here, Roseshannon, and drape your naked self across my lap. Robert's dick began to make a small tent in his trousers as he watched his magnificent wife obey the crude command. He could not control his mydear caldwell pthc hand as he jacked his prick through his pants as his wife lay docilely across the detective's lap and began to receive a rather severe spanking. When she began to cry and kick her lovely legs, his emissions were running rampantly down his leg.Helga and the rest watched in rapt fascination as the master of the house edged closer to watch his wife being abused, all the time jacking his star vision pthc impressive 18ban pthc pecker which he had managed to free from his pants. He moaned mightily and spewed his ejaculation all over his wife's reddening buttocks. The whole room gasped a cry of relief and welcomed him aboard their kinky ship. They converged on him, kissing him and hugging him and Zeta even bent down to suck the end of his dick, just to find out what it was like.That afternoon Ms Preston and Sharon had returned to their homes, Robert was upstairs resting from his trip and Maureen had nursed her baby and put her down for a nap. She had demonstrated the baby's voracious appetite to the aroused amusement of all the others. Lana and Shirley induced the woman to leave her breasts uncovered as they sat on either side of her and sampled mother's milk. They each had a hand under her skirt and down her panties working off the tremendous arousal caused by the warm milk and Maureen allowed it because she was becoming accustomed once again to having her pussy fondled almost constantly as it was in prison.Zeta was behind the couch ranchi kteam pthc taking off the ten- year-old's panties so she could see what it felt like to suck a really young pussy. The cook had her big titties out with Denise sitting in her lap sucking on them. Helga had Roseshannon over her luscious lap giving her a merciless spanking for failing to tell her everything was horny pthc cool with Robert."I intend to give you a spanking when I'm finished with her for the very same reason." She said looking directly at Lana. "What did you find out about Robert that let you know we had nothing to fear?""I found out that he was constantly hiring call girls, always two at a time, one dominant, one submissive. I happen to recognize enough names to know he hired them to watch one spank the other.""But how'd you do that? You never left your office." Roseshannon asked between sobs. Helga continued the punishment even magazine bravenet pthc though she was interested in the story."I can't divulge any secrets but I matched whores' income declarations with his tax deductions for business expenses. I traced every trip he took through airline reservations.""It's strange that he would have this fetish about women spanking each other and keep it so well pthc websites porn hidden from a wife who wanted nothing more than to have another woman spank her, although she wasn't aware of it." Shirley mused."A match made in heaven with both of them too uptight to know it." Lana declared."Well, we're going to make up for lost time now that he's aboard." Helga announced. "Every one of you, get those titties out and pussies bared so we can start up another wild party."
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